What to Do When Your Baby Fell from the Bed to the Ground1

The situation of a baby falling from a bed to the ground occurred, causing many fathers and mothers to be confused and confused about how to handle it. Don’t worry, the following article will be “a guide” for you.

Many parents nowadays have a habit of letting their babies sleep together without even thinking that the baby could fall out of bed and be dangerous. Because, they think this problem only happens to children who know how to crawl and know how to crawl.

This is very wrong, because with a few months old baby just foot pedal, wiggling constantly can also make her fall from the bed to the ground. If unfortunately this situation occurs, in addition to soothing children, parents should also take safety measures to ensure the health of the baby. What to Do When Your Baby Fell from the Bed to the Ground1

Things to do when your baby falls from the bed to the ground

Although the child is quite young, parents should not disregard the baby’s foot or wiggle. These movements will make it easier for your baby to move near the edge of the bed or even fall to the ground. You need to understand that, even though mom is careful about newborn babies, there is a risk of this situation and you should not be too responsible for yourself once it happens.

Instead of just focusing on comforting your baby, you need to calmly check to see if your child has any injuries. Note, the infant’s skull structure is not yet complete, so when it falls off the bed, the baby may not have a fracture but still be at risk of serious head injuries. Therefore, children should be monitored regularly to detect abnormal signs early. If you do not feel comfortable, take your baby to the hospital immediately to check.

Initial check-ups when your baby has just fallen

In case you suddenly wake up at night after hearing the pounding sound and find out that your baby has just fallen off the bed, watch him for the next 24 – 48 hours.

For the first 15 seconds, you need to check if your baby is awake. At the same time, you observe your baby’s physical activity to see if his arms, legs or body are moving normally. If your baby is crying or alert, this is a good sign because they are just scared. So, gently embrace your child to soothe, calm and combine with checking for physical injuries, especially the head. After the baby is okay, the parent should put the baby back to sleep and continue to check for any damage that may appear on the baby’s body.

Particularly with the fall too strong will cause the baby to lose consciousness initially and the child may stagger or drowsy, sleepy. Remember, this is a serious medical emergency. In addition, you are required to take your child to the hospital early once a bleeding or serious injury is detected. Absolutely should not move children unless the position that makes the baby at risk of many other injuries. If you see a child vomiting or twitching, place him on his side and keep his neck straight for sputum to be easily expelled, not blocking the airway.

A baby falls from a bed on the ground with a headache, what should parents do?

If faced with any fall, there is a high risk of a large forehead. It looks worrying, but Mom is relieved that it will get smaller over time. On the other hand, this expression is just an external injury, without any serious effect on the skull.

To cope with this “obnoxious” tumor, you can immediately apply ice to the baby. The advice is to do this every hour for about 5 minutes at a time. The implementation is simple, but the difficulty is how to disperse the child’s attention from the cold of ice. A special tip for babies is to apply cold when breastfeeding and for toddlers, do it when you show them an interesting toy or read a book for babies!

Thanks to this measure, the tumor will reduce swelling after a few hours. If there is no improvement in the swelling, seek medical attention immediately.

When should you take your baby to the hospital?

Take your child to the hospital to check up as soon as the following symptoms appear:

When children detect signs of fractures, especially for toddlers. Take your child to the hospital for immediate first aid.
Any cuts or bruises appear. You should calm down and try to stop the bleeding with a gauze bandage or clean towel until the healthcare provider arrives.

Children with nosebleeds (nosebleeds), eyes or ears. This can be an important sign that your baby has trouble clotting.

Brain hemorrhage also has symptoms similar to the bleeding situations above. Therefore, you should get your baby tested as soon as possible.

Head injury is also something you should be concerned about. The symptoms usually include vomiting, dizziness, headache or other signs that the baby’s head has been seriously injured.

Children cry and squeal differently than normal. The two eyes are not the same size. Not responding when you pet, talk …
Babies cry endlessly or constantly rubbing their heads and face with their hands.

Precautions to prevent a baby falling from a bed to the ground

There are many different ways to prevent a baby falling from a bed to the ground or at least reducing the impact of a fall.

First and foremost, you should remove the bed and put the mattress on the floor, to shorten the distance where the baby lies on the ground.

Push the mattress close to the wall and make sure to place tables, chairs, cabinets… or other hard objects far away so that the child does not hit them in the event of a fall.

Teach your children to get out of bed safely, by crawling on their bellies when they are old enough.

you put thick pads on the floor to minimize the risk of injury. Put babies on their backs, place blankets, pillows and other soft objects away from babies to avoid the risk of sudden death in babies. Put your baby to sleep in a separate crib.

Remember, an adult’s bed does not meet the baby’s safety standards for sleeping. On the other hand, besides falling from a bed to the ground, there are other problems such as the risk of a child being stuck between a wall and a bed or bed with other objects if parents do not pay attention.

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