The Secret of Treating Mouth Sores for Babies

Children with mouth ulcers often fuss, stop eating, and make parents miserable. If you know the secret to ease a baby’s mouth ulcer, you’ll be less tired these days. Please refer to the following ways!

Oral ulcers in infants often appear as small white spots, slightly succulent, enlarged and gradually ulcerated if not treated early. If the heat stains for a long time can cause the baby to stop eating, fussing and causing malnutrition and fatigue. Here are ways for mothers to help children reduce heat pain and cure heat spots quickly:


Honey is a natural antibiotic that has the ability to fight bacteria and help heal sores. However, honey is recommended only for children over 12 months to ensure safety. When using honey, I wash my fingers, apply a little honey on the ulcer in the mouth for children.

Apply 2-3 times daily continuously until heat spots heal.

Honey and turmeric

In addition to its known honey content, turmeric also has very effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The method is extremely simple, mom uses turmeric powder mixed with honey in the right proportion and then apply directly to the child’s heat stain. Antibiotics from honey with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties will make ulcers heal faster. However, due to its honey content, this formula is not for children under 1 year old.


Whether coconut water or coconut oil can treat mouth sores very well for babies. When your baby has a cold sore, moms can give the baby coconut water to cool down and help the heat heal. Note children under 6 months should not give coconut water.

Moreover, coconut milk can also help children reduce the sores caused by heat. You can give it to mouthwash or apply coconut oil directly on the ulcer.

Liquid butter or clean butter

Liquid butter or clean butter (melted butter and eliminates the need for milk) is effective at reducing mouth ulcers for babies. You just need to apply butter on the mouth ulcer for your baby.


The buttermilk contains lactic acid, which inhibits the activity and growth of bacteria. Therefore, when your baby has a cold sore, they can use the buttermilk right away in the refrigerator to apply this heat. Cool cold from milk, adding antiseptic essence will help children ease the pain of heat quickly.

Note, buttermilk is only for babies over 8 months of age and toddlers can use buttermilk daily.


Like buttermilk, curds help reduce the symptoms of lactic acidosis. To enhance the flavor, she can prepare a little more fruit in milk to make a delicious fruit smoothie. In particular, é seeds also have effective oral heat remedy. However, this formula is made for babies at the age of weaning or a little older.

Basil leaves

Have 2-3 chewing basil leaves to relieve pain and soothe sores in the mouth. Basil leaves with peppermint essence also help disinfect and prevent bacteria from thriving. In addition, in addition to treating mouth heat, this leaf can also treat coughs, colds, fevers, and make baby mouthwash.


Licorice extract also helps to disinfect and alleviate the pain caused by mouth heat. Mom took some licorice into the pot of water and boiled it. Get that water to cool, let children drink 3-4 times / day to bring the most effective.

Moreover, moms can also use licorice powder mixed with honey to apply it directly to the child’s fever.
In addition to the above ways to treat oral heat, parents should note how to take care of the baby during the time the child has heat as follows:

Limit hot foods such as fried foods, some hot fruits (jackfruit, lychee, longan, etc.)

Do not eat foods that are too spicy to upset ulcers

Use a soft brush to brush your teeth

If the ulcer does not heal after 2 weeks, pus and high fever appear, the mother should take her to see a doctor early.

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