Sharp Pains in Vagina During Pregnancy

Is vaginal pain during pregnancy a symptom that is dangerous to the fetus?

The reasons and measures to reduce the pain of their cold door during the last month of pregnancy below that mothers need to pay attention to protect themselves and their children. Please refer to this article on parenting right away!

Is genital pain in the last month of pregnancy dangerous?

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will change a lot, accompanied by symptoms of morning sickness, fatigue, discomfort, back pain, fatigue, appetite, … and especially pregnant women aching in the private parts. Painful aches on his door often appear in the 3rd stage of pregnancy. Mothers often meet in the last months. Some common causes of vaginal pain during the last months are:

In the last months, the baby’s weight has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the size of the uterus will expand and contract with the fetus. This causes the pelvis to be pinched. So the pregnant mother felt her pain in the last months of pregnancy.

During the birth stage, the veins are often elastic, so pregnant women often feel the pain of their own doors during the last month of pregnancy. At this time, there will be purple veins on the vagina, vulva, rectum, or around the ovaries and uterus.

In order to adapt to the growth of the fetus, the mother must release the relaxin hormone to help the pelvic muscles expand. At this time, the pain in my door during the last month of pregnancy is due to overwhelming pressure on the pelvis. Will lead to back pain, cramps, body aches, including vaginal pain.

In addition, the phenomenon of vaginal soreness can also be due to the sudden pregnancy of some gynecological diseases such as gynecological infections, social diseases, genital warts, gonorrhea, herpes … manifestations on the mother should go to the doctor for examination and treatment, avoiding adverse complications to the fetus. To better understand the cause of the cold sore during pregnancy last month, let’s continue to read the article.

What causes my burning pain during the last month of pregnancy?

Cervical dilatation causes soreness in pregnancy

Cervical dilatation appears during the post-pregnancy period leading to vaginal pain during pregnancy. In the final months before labor, the cervix will dilate, causing the vagina to ache and sometimes bleed.

The fetus hurt the vagina during pregnancy

About the fetus, the fetus pedal also makes pregnant women have pain in the private area, but the pain is mild if the baby is not a strong pedal. Fetal growth usually puts pressure on the pelvis, ligaments and muscles, and genital pain.

When the mother suffers from vaginal pain, one can also happen in an unborn baby: an increase in the baby’s weight will make the body have to accept a large weight. And this also affects pelvic pain.

The infection causes painful burning in the genital area

Candida fungus is a common fungus found in pregnant women. However, fungal bacteria will infect the mother’s private area. It causes extremely uncomfortable symptoms such as excessive vaginal discharge, nausea, back pain, or diarrhea. This is also the reason why pregnant women have pubic pain during pregnancy

Increased blood flow during pregnancy causes vaginal pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the amount of blood that will flow towards the uterus increases rapidly and causes inhibition, pain in the front door during the 6th month of pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy causes severe pain in the abdomen

This is a symptom you need to pay attention because it is very dangerous for both mother and baby. Signs of an ectopic pregnancy include vaginal soreness, vaginal bleeding, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, and low blood pressure, slipping rapidly. When you have severe vaginal pain during pregnancy, there could be a miscarriage. Therefore, you should see a doctor immediately if you encounter one of the above symptoms to have an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.

Increased hormone causing pain in the back of the body during the 5 and 6 months of pregnancy

Entering the 5th and 6th months of pregnancy, the amount of hormones will increase rapidly, it will help open the vaginal area to make it easier for the mother to give birth naturally. Therefore, this process will cause vaginal pain during the 5th month of pregnancy.

Pregnant women have burning pain in the genital area, what effect?

Manifestations of mild vaginal pain during pregnancy will not be dangerous to the mother and fetus. Because that’s just what happens in mothers during pregnancy. So when pregnant women ache the genital area so, you should not use any medicine without your doctor’s permission.

However, if the pain in the private area during pregnancy lasts longer and more and more severe pain. See a doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis of maternal and baby health. Not letting the symptoms last long will be dangerous not only for the life of the mother but also the fetus in the womb. Be sure to follow the above precautions to protect the health of both mother and child.

Remedy for abdominal pain in the last month of pregnancy

Pain in my door during the last month of pregnancy? The pain of getting sore in the late months of pregnancy is the period most pregnant women have to go through. However, depending on the severity, obstetricians have devised methods that can help pregnant women overcome this difficult period.

Regular travel and physical activity to reduce vaginal pain in the last month of pregnancy

Is the pain in my door during the last month of pregnancy dangerous? If the pregnant mother is in good health, she should often move and exercise gently, avoiding lying down. Because this will cause the muscles and joints not working. The body is stagnant, leading to the pain of their doors during pregnancy last month of pregnancy more and more.

In addition, moms can also go for a walk, do yoga, and do gentle exercises to relax the muscles and apply the pelvic area which will be dispersed to help mom relieve pain in her door during the last month of pregnancy.

Use pillows to reduce the pressure of your baby to relieve pain in their door during pregnancy last month

What is vaginal pain during the last month of pregnancy? When sleeping or resting, pregnant women should lie in an inclined position to the left. Thus the pressure on the pelvis will be lessened. Get a pillow for pregnant women to have higher legs. Or rest your legs across your knee to increase blood flow to reduce pain in your door during late-stage pregnancy more effectively.

Warm water should be used to clean the body to reduce pain in the door when pregnant last month

Using warm water for bathing or body washing is essential to reduce vaginal pain during pregnancy. Use warm water and combine massage around the pelvis to create a pleasant feeling. It helps blood circulation to minimize the pain in the cold door in the last months of pregnancy.

Mothers pay special attention, if you see that your body has abnormal signs that you are not assured, you should quickly see a doctor for timely treatment to avoid affecting your baby.

Pain in the private area during the last month of pregnancy will make the mother very uncomfortable and tired. Unable to do everyday tasks as usual. Shila will suggest more mothers along with methods to alleviate the symptoms of vaginal pain during pregnancy:

Massage your pelvis near your private area.

Put a pillow under your hip when you go to bed to sleep better.

Lie on your left side to reduce pressure on the pelvis.

Elevate your legs to increase blood circulation when sitting.

Do exercises for pregnant women according to the exercises of the doctor.


Walking, swimming, yoga.

Vaginal pain during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. But mothers should also be careful to protect the safety of themselves and their children. Should regularly check prenatal care for doctors to monitor. Do not forget that Shila always accompanies the health of women.

Some frequently asked questions:

Vaginal pain during pregnancy?

Vaginal pain during pregnancy is due to the following reasons: Cervical dilatation, Fetal vaginal pain during pregnancy, Infectious colic infection, Increased blood flow during pregnancy, vaginal pain. An ectopic pregnancy causes pain in the private area, an increase in hormone causes vaginal pain.

What is the effect of vaginal pain on the mother and fetus?

Manifestations of minor aches and pains will not endanger the mother or the fetus. However, if the vaginal pain persists and gets worse and worse. See a doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis of maternal and baby health. Do not let the symptoms last longer will be dangerous.

How to relieve vaginal pain symptoms during pregnancy?

To alleviate the symptoms of soreness in your pregnancy, you need to: Bathing in warm water will ease pain; Massages the pelvis near the private area; Put a pillow under your hip when you go to bed. Lie on your left side to reduce pressure on the pelvis; Elevate your legs to increase blood circulation when sitting; Walking, swimming, yoga.

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