Infant Diet - Things to Know2

Not only different from adults, does the mother know that there is a difference in the diet of babies in each stage? What should infants be aware of?

During the first 12 months of life, babies will go through many different stages of nutrition: from 0-3 months old, 4-6 months and 6-12 months old. For each stage, we suggest to mom some notes about the infant’s diet as well as the diet for each baby!

Infant Diet - Things to Know2

Diet of babies aged 0-3 months

For newborn babies aged 0-3 months, milk is still the only source of nutrition. You can breastfeed your baby, or use formula milk. However, absolutely do not give your baby any type of liquid other than milk, even giving babies a drink of water should not be a mother! According to Pediatric experts, drinking water for babies under 6 months of age can lead to some health problems for babies.

Mothers should also note that babies’ stomachs during this period are also very small. Babies 1 month old each breastmilk can “load” about 30ml of milk. Babies aged 2 months and older can breastfeed from 60-120ml of milk at a time. Mother should breastfeed every 2-3 hours, depending on the needs of the baby.

While breastfeeding, mothers should also pay attention to the attitude of the baby. If your baby fusses after being offered a feed, the baby is probably still hungry and wants to eat more. In contrast, the baby looked away, refused to suck, which means the baby is full and does not need to eat more.

Diet of babies from 4-6 months old

Babies aged 4-6 months will begin to show signs of weaning, signaling a completely new infant nutrition.

As recommended by experts, the infant’s weaning diet is best started at 6 months of age. At this stage, milk is still the main source of nutrition. Weaning during this period will only help your baby get used to the taste of the food and a denser diet. Therefore, the mother should only feed her baby one meal a day during the first time. Do not give your baby too much at first, but only gradually increase the daily intake.Infant Diet - Things to Know2

Note for mom:

In addition to weaning meals, mothers can give their baby extra snacks with yogurt between feeds.
Introduce your baby to a dish within 3 days before moving on to the new one. Thus, the mother can easily know if the baby is allergic to a particular food.

Diet of babies aged 6-12 months
Nutrition for babies aged 6-12 months has been upgraded to a much higher level than in previous periods. Babies aged 7-9 months were able to eat 2 meals / day in addition to milk bottles. For babies aged 9-12 months, their diet can be increased to 3 meals / day and an additional 1-2 snacks.

Mothers should consult with experts to know how to balance the infant’s nutritional intake during this period. Mother should practice feeding your baby more vegetables and fruits. Eating pieces of boiled vegetables can help your child learn to chew better. In addition, mothers should also note that children should not eat small foods like peanuts, roasted peanuts, raisins. Children are at risk of choking, choking when eating these foods.

In summary, the diet of babies at each stage will be different. Mother should learn carefully to know how to take care of your baby and help him develop optimally.

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