How to Treat Heat Rash in Infants Properly and Safely in the Summer1

Rash is a common disease in newborns in the summer. Although not life-threatening, but not treating the disease properly will lead to skin infections. The following article Bao Ha Spa has summarized the safe treatment for miscarriage in infants in the summer at home. Find out now

The cause of a newborn’s rash in the summer

The rash in infants often appears in hot, humid weather. Especially in the summer, the temperature rises, babies are more likely to sweat. Excessive sweating makes the condition of pores worse, causing the symptoms of heat rash.

Signs of rash in infants

The rash appears at any age, but the most common is still newborn. Especially in the summer, hot weather, rising temperatures make it more favorable for bacteria and viruses to cause. the rash is not life-threatening but makes the baby feel uncomfortable, snoring and not feeding. When an infant has a rash in the summer there will be the following signs:

  • Infants’ skin appears pink and rough red rash. Acne or white acne on the top. The rash develops in dense patches of skin.
  • Rash appears dense on the neck skin, face skin, limbs, folds, upper back of the baby’s body.
  • A rash in an infant who is rubbed by clothing can cause a secondary skin infection.

How to Treat Heat Rash in Infants Properly and Safely in the Summer

Safe and scientific way to treat rash in newborns in the summer

Here are some ways to treat a rash in newborns in the summer, breast milk can be applied and prevented:

  • Clean your baby’s body daily. Properly bathing babies in the summer is important. This can limit rash, avoid constipation in babies, avoid jaundice, help babies eat well, sleep well and prevent skin infections in babies in the summer.
  • When bathing babies at home, use only special cleansers, shampoos, and chemicals. Or bathe babies with bitter melon, green tea, soil and so on.
  • Clean the baby’s bedroom. Room needs to ensure cool
  • Wear cotton clothes, easy to absorb sweat, spacious and soft for the baby.
  • Use a disposable tissue or bucket to dip cool water, wipe into the skin of the baby’s rash.
  • Limiting your baby’s exposure to the sun on hot days will make the rash worse.
  • Oatmeal has an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and rash-reducing effect in newborns. When bathing the baby, mom can add a little oatmeal to the bath water to soothe the baby’s skin. Then rinse with warm water.
  • Thin slices of cucumber cover areas of the rash of an infant. Then rinse with warm water. Cucumber cool, effective soothing itchy effect, safe. You can apply this rash in newborns this summer at home.
  • Do not use talcum powder on areas of rashes.
  • Your baby’s clothes need to be washed daily, dried and away from smog. A rash in an infant after 7-10 days will resolve. If in the case of severe recurrence accompanied by signs such as swollen skin, high fever, vomiting, breastfeeding, … need to immediately take your baby to see a doctor for timely treatment

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