How to Comfort Children to Sleep Well

The secret to comfort babies to sleep

Here’s a way to comfort a good night’s sleep without being too difficult.

Sleeping babies is a process that eliminates factors that influence the baby’s sleep. This process will help you gain more confidence in understanding your child’s behavior when they want to sleep. Sometimes it takes 30-60 minutes for a newborn baby to sleep deeply. Therefore, if your baby is still having trouble sleeping even if you have eliminated the negative agents, then rest assured because this is also completely normal.

The process of eliminating the sleep-affecting agent takes place as follows

Make sure your baby is getting enough milk. If your baby sleeps, wake up and continue feeding. You can breastfeed your baby between 5-10 minutes. Taking a long suck will help you know if your baby is still hungry or not. If you put your baby to sleep always after a little feeding will make the baby not sleep well and wake up earlier. When your baby wakes up, you think you’re hungry and continue feeding. Repeat so many times will create a habit of “demanding night”, not good for the baby and the mother.

Check and change your diaper before bed to make sure your baby is not wet or dirty. You can put your baby in the crib while he is still awake. If your baby can sleep by itself will form a good habit and help your baby sleep better.

Wrap a towel around your baby to keep his or her hands from touching his face, which will help him feel safe and sleep well. Newborn baby can not control their actions. Therefore, if not wrapped, the baby will wake up when his hand unconsciously pat on the face.

Hold and hold your baby face-down on his mother’s shoulders before placing him in the crib. This position will help your baby relax and burp. This is also to signal that your baby must sleep by themselves. And when you lay your baby down, he’ll be in a calmer state.

Wrap a blanket or pillow around your baby when he or she is lying down in a crib. Babies like the feeling of security. The less the baby moves, the easier it will be to sleep. Wrap the baby around the body, place the baby on the bed, then use a pillow around him. Note that must leave room for baby can breathe comfortably.

Choose music for your baby: Turn on soft music in your baby’s bedroom and keep music throughout your baby’s sleep. Music for babies to sleep better. A steady sound helps prevent your baby from being distracted by other factors and helps him feel like he’s around.

Let your baby sleep by himself, if he can’t and cries, take a look at the factors surrounding him, making him unable to sleep. You can pick him up and hold him, calm him down. Then put the baby down on the bed and try again.

If your baby still can’t sleep by himself, try gently patting him to lull him to sleep well.

As your baby gets older, you will get used to bedtime. And if you use these methods regularly to help your baby sleep well, the older the baby, the easier it will be to sleep without much support from her mother.

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