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Taking care of newborns in the summer requires meticulous, gentle and careful parents. Especially in the summer weather, the baby’s body after birth also becomes much more sensitive. The following article will share to mothers the experience of caring for newborn babies in the summer of science, properly, helping them to avoid illness effectively. Find out now!

How to take care of newborn babies in the right way

The body is one of the factors that mothers need to pay special attention to when taking care of newborn babies in the summer. In particular, mothers should pay attention to the navel of the newborn. Before the baby is born, the baby’s body needs to be meticulous and gentle.

How to take care umbilical for babies

Usually, after about 5 to 7 days after birth, the umbilical part will begin to dry and fall out. Before falling out, the navel is not dry, not yet scarred, so the mothers have to take extra care, otherwise bacteria will invade at any time. Especially in the hot summer days, it creates more conditions for bacteria to grow.

The infant’s immune system is not yet complete. So babies are more susceptible to illness than other ages. When conducting umbilical hygiene for infants, mothers need to wash their hands with soap. Then, disinfect again when changing the umbilical bandages for the child.

Skin care for babies in the summer

Newborn skin is often very soft, the connective tissue remains loose so it is easy for bacteria to enter. More hot weather in the summer, baby prone to skin diseases such as chicken pox, measles, rash, pimples … Taking care of newborn babies in the summer is a necessary thing. It is required that mothers have to be very attentive, pay attention and observe each action, gesture as well as signs on their body in order to promptly detect the disease.

In the summer, the newborn’s body will often sweat more. This is the cause of clogged pores, making your baby susceptible to colds or itching, rashes. Therefore, I need to clean the child’s sweat or clean his body daily. Especially the skin on the neck, back, groin, buttocks, elbows. In the case of babies with chrome, miscarriage in the mother can cook bath water with diluted potassium permanganate to bathe their children will be very effective.

Strengthen the infant’s immune system in the summer

Summer is a time when outbreaks of infant diseases such as measles, dengue fever, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and skin diseases are prone to break out, so parents need to take the initiative. supplement knowledge to promptly identify common diseases in newborns in the summer.

Breastfeed your baby properly

One of the most effective ways to boost the immune system in a newborn is to breastfeed for the first 6 months of life. During this newborn period, the mother does not need to give the baby any more such as: sugar water, juice, water … As for cow’s milk and goat’s milk, it is also not recommended for babies under 1 year of age to use. Let breastfeeding be the best. Every day mom should maintain breastfeeding 6-8 times to provide adequate amount of milk necessary for the development of the baby.

Interested in infant sleep

At birth, babies usually sleep a lot, from 18 to 20 hours a day. Every infant’s sleep time is not the same and there is no schedule. Therefore, parents need to adapt to the baby’s sleep.

Especially, when babies sleep, mothers need to put their babies in supine position. Because when you sleep in this position, the esophagus will be under the trachea, milk or food will be less likely to reflux. Best of all, sleeping on your back will reduce the risk of sudden death in a newborn.

How to change a newborn’s diaper in the summer

Mothers should regularly change a newborn’s diaper in the summer when it is dirty and wet. Certainly the first time you change a diaper, I will feel very awkward. However, if I do it often, my mother will feel more familiar. When changing diapers for babies, mothers need to ensure:

  • If using a diaper changing table, make sure that the table is secure, with a seat belt. This table must have lots of compartments that can hold all the things you need to change a baby’s diaper.
  • Note that when changing a baby’s diaper, never turn away
  • Gently clean baby’s skin before, during, and after changingScientific and Proper Child Care Experience in the Summer

    Notes when caring for newborns in the summer

    As mentioned above, the weather plus the ambient temperature in our country in the summer is very hot and hot. Therefore, parents need to be careful and meticulous in caring for newborn babies in the summer. Because just negligence or not to care a little can affect the health of the baby at any time. Here are the newborn care notes in the summer, you should consult them.

    Should infants be conditioned in the summer?

    Similar to when using a fan, if the baby is conditioned to stay too long or improperly, it will easily lose water, dry skin and create favorable conditions for bacteria to attack, causing dangerous diseases in the road. Respiratory. Therefore, when children are in an air-conditioned room, do not turn on the temperature too cold, do not place children in the right direction of the wind. In addition, mothers should add physiological nasal drops to children to avoid dryness when using air conditioning. If the weather is not too hot, instead of using air conditioning to affect the health of the baby, you should use the best fan or wind.

    How to bathe babies in the summer

    In the summer, mothers can bathe their babies daily. However, mothers should not bathe their children several times a day, because baby skin is often very thin. Too much bathing will reduce the moisture on your baby’s skin.
    In particular, if the mother does not have the experience of bathing a newborn, it is very dangerous to the health of the child. Improper bathing of babies will lead to serious consequences for babies such as skin infections, umbilical infections, blood infections, dermatitis …

    Bathing and hygiene for babies:

    • Because babies are too young, they need to shower quickly for 5-10 minutes. Avoid letting your baby soak too much in water.
    • When taking a bath, clean the armpits, groin, elbows, legs, eyes, nose and navel of the baby
    • Special attention should be given to genital hygiene for children. For girls should clean the genitals from front to back
    • After bathing the newborn, quickly dry the baby, diaper, wear clothes, socks, socks for babies

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