Does It Really Matter if Baby Powder is Safe

April 16, 2019 0 By promedclinicforwomen

As a mother, I worry on using baby power for my kid. A good number of people have been talking about it. Lately, there has been a lot of talk on baby powder being safe to use. The company who made the powder is being sued by federal and state courts. Johnson & Johnson was the company and they have no idea it could have. Scientific evidence came out recently. Interestingly, people are on both sides of the fence. No one really knows it is or is not safe. In any event, I really like having best baby powders on my baby. Well, let’s do more research into it together.

What is Really In Baby Powder

Talc is in baby powder. It’s in most baby powders around the world. So, is that bad to have for a baby? You see I always thought it was not that bad. Maybe it caused you to cough out, but I never thought the worse. Turns out, baby powder is a factor for causing cancer. There is not high percentage amount that cause cancer. But, anybody who comes in contact with baby powder can get cancer. How? All it has to do is go into your lungs and you can get it. Knowing this, I change my view on baby powder. I am thinking I should hate it out now, but scientist make mistakes like everyone else. Maybe the results and assumptions will change in future. Give it more time for more detailed info on baby powder casing cancer I say.

Can Cause Breathing Problems

Baby powder has the potential to cancel breathing. The talc in the baby powder can seep into lungs and cause respiratory failure. Meaning, every time you see white smoke in the air from baby powder you should stay away. Good news, is that its not something that happens fast. But, once someone inhales too many puffs of baby powder, they are most likely going to start having asthma. Based on this information, it is safe to say this is not something you want your baby to inhale. Try to keep baby powder away from their nose.

Fortunately, you can apply a little bit of baby powder to make baby less likely to catch anything. Maybe you disagree with some of the research on baby powder like me. In that case, apply a little bit of baby powder on the baby. This way the smell does not get in the baby’s nose. As long as the baby nose is away from baby powder you should be able to keep baby safe. Don’t think about this too much. This new information can make baby powder sound scary. Though, there is not many people you know that have been killed by it right? Anyway, apply a little bit if you still want to use baby powder on baby but feel uneasy.

Safe Way to Use Baby Powder

Despite all the information claiming baby powder cause problems, there is a way for you to use it safely. Baby powder can still be used on baby’s skin. But, it needs to be applied a certain way. All you have to do is pick one of the best baby powders and apply to baby’s lower body parts. Some upper body parts can be applied with baby power but I don’t recommend. Babies like to move around a lot. They move their hands all over their body. Constantly touching and not really planning on anything. You got to place the baby powder in spots they can not reach. For example, placing baby powder in the armpit or butt would prevent baby from putting powder on face. For the most part, keep the powder away from the baby’s nose. That’s all you need to generally do to make the baby safe with baby powder. Just follow that tip.