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Ways to Have Good Nipple Care If You Like Breast feeding

Breast feeding should be an enjoyable experience, but for some women it is not. The first couple weeks can be rough. You allow your baby to touch your nipples for a couple weeks. Then, you realize that its a little rougher than you thought. Maybe a little too rough. The baby is not aware of how to hold back when it bites. Each time you put it on that nipple, it’s going to bite down hard. Making your nipples sour and persuading you to switch to artificial baby milk. However, you shouldn’t deal with the pain while breast feeding. You should adapt and make adjustments to make the breast feeding more pleasurable. Start by putting on the best nipple cream for breast feeding in increase comfort. That’s what I would do. I want to teach you some ways to accomplish this. Read more on this below.

Make Sure His Bite Is In Right Position

First off, make sure the baby bites the nipple correctly. Don’t let the baby have it’s mouth all over the nipple and causing you more pain. Control that baby’s head and put mouth on nipple. More specifically, put a little bit of nipple and area connected to nipple in his mouth. Make sure each bite down is squeezing the milk out. That’s how you know the baby is doing it right and not causing you harm. Now, it takes time for this to happen. Expect to accomplish this tasks days later. You need to practice it every time you breast feed to get better at making the baby mouth in the right position for milk squeeze. Babies often need to eat 6 times a day. So, your going to get the hang of this soon.

Apply Nipple Cream Before Breast Feeding

Ways to Have Good Nipple Care If You Like Breast feeding

Nipple cream is a great liquid to use during breastfeeding. Buy the best nipple cream for breast feeding to have high performance. Has the ability to heal your breasts and help breast become stronger for breast feeding. The cream is made out of ultra pure lanolin which is harmless to the baby. Cream also reduces sores that you have on your nipple and prevents nipple from becoming sore again. You can actually put this cream on while your breast feeding. It won’t cause your baby to choke and make them cry. They can fully consume this cream and be in a good mood. However, you should ensure the nipple cream is in low amounts on breasts. Too much nipple cream in a baby’s mouth can cause issues. Only use a small dab on nipple cream on breast while breast feeding. All in all, apply nipple cream on your breast to help you with all your breast skin problems.

Make Baby Milk Bottle With Your Breast

Alternatively, you can take a break from breastfeeding by making a bottle with your breast milk. There are times when your breast is bleeding and you need to rely on other means to feed your baby. On rare occasions, you got to take a break from breastfeeding and put your own breast milk in a bottle. Don’t be ashamed to do it. All women have done this at one time or another. Even, if they don’t want to admit it. I know you don’t want to stop from being a mother. But, there is only so much your body can take from a baby sucking it. You must do alternative methods when you see your breast bleeding or getting really huge gashes. Feed your baby with artificial milk or breast milk in a bottle. They will get the same minerals and healthy ingredients.